If you have any quality problem during the warranty period of 3 months, we will provide you with free replacement parts,But the shipping fees need to be collected.If there is any failure during the ride, we will send you the accessories until we can help you solve the problem.
If after 3 months guarantee period, you can buy individual parts of onlyone board in our website.We'll make video to demonstrate how to replace specific components.
We do not take back the boards that have been shipped!(no return!)
The reason for doing so is that our profit margin is too low to cover the extra shipping costs.If you - beyond our expectations - do not like the onlyone board, be sure to contact us and tell us where we can improve.We have been looking for input for our next onlyone board design - and your feedback is very much appreciated!

Refund policy

When your order has been shipped and is in transit, we do not refund.
When your board has been ridden, we do not accept refund.