Onlyone O-7 Electric Longboard | Fast Mode To 31MPH

$399 $519


  • BATTERY CELLS: 20R Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1.10S3P Battery:6.0AH 216W 
  • Cruising Range: 13 to 17miles(21KM-28KM)
  • 2.10S4P battery: 8.0Ah 288W
  • Cruising Range: 17 to 20 miles(28-32KM)
  • 58.8V,5.2AH
  • Cruising Range:18 to 20 miles 

Speed Mode

  • Slow mode/Beginner: 15MPH
  • Medium mode/Intermediate: 22 MPH
  • Fast mode/Advanced: 31MPH
  • Maximum climb angle is 30° 


  • Material: 7 layers of Canadian maple + 1 bamboo fiber
  • The recommended rider weight should be less than 330 pounds


  • 2*Rear Motors-90mm (3.54 in) diameter hub motor
  • Rated output power:   Dual 600X2=1200W motors
  • PU on the motor is replaceable
  • ESC - Electronic Speed Control
  • Controller: Double - drive sine waves smooths the ride
  • Noet: Please do ride safely at all times. Especially when you get off the board, you should turn off the remote control to avoid injuries and accidents.


  • Net weight: 16.09lb (7.3kg)
  • Size: 38x9.44x4.9 inches (970x 240x 125mm)

Waterproof Level

  • OnlyOne Boards are rigorously waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once you start using, maintaining or replacing the battery, the BOARD's resistance to water is reduced.
  • Don't riding on wet or icy roads,It is dangerous and may cause loss of traction or control.


  • Size: 39.37x12.59x7.48 inches (1000x320 x190 mm)
  • Gross weight: 22.04 pounds (10kg)

Package Includes:

  • 1*electric skateboard
  • 1*adapter and charger
  • 1*remote wireless control
  • 1*T wrench tools for routine maintenance
  • 1*Charging cable for remote control
  • 1*Skateboard fault detection line

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