What is the biggest advantage of the onlyone o-2?

    What really sets this belt-driven electric longboard apart is the motor. You will see that it is powered by two 900W * 2 motors, and this technology requires a belt. With a belt drive motor, the onlyone o-2 longboard has a high-tech look.  The electric motor has enough power to reach a top speed of 24.8 mph and climb up to 25%.

    Of course, one disadvantage of a powerful motherboard is that the battery will drain faster. However, the onlyone o-2 longboard is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, which is a great thing because older lead-acid batteries have poor performance. This battery gives the board a 15-mile range on a single charge, which is impressive.

    Today, not many boards can meet this range. Most other electric skateboards range from 10 to 15 miles. Even less. In addition, the onlyone o-2 battery has a fast charging time, and the battery will be fully charged again within 3 hours.

    In addition, this electric longboard has a unique feature that it has two LED lanterns installed on the deck. This is a feature that no other board has! This lantern will provide great lighting convenience for our night ride, and it will look particularly beautiful and cool!