How to choose a cheap and high quality electric skateboard?

    When it comes to electric skateboards, we think of all kinds of electric skateboards sold online. There are longboard, shortboard, off-road and so on. Just as we cannot do without mobile phones, there are too many brands. It's really hard for a beginner to make a decision. Of course, everyone wants to buy a good quality and cheap board! Let's take a look at the following aspects to help you buy a new board!
    Of course, price, specifications and convenience are the most important parts we really should consider.
    $ 300-500 has become the most affordable price zone for most people. The absolute majority of boards sold now come from China. Because of a mature supply chain, coupled with lower labor costs. Therefore, the electric skateboard made in China has become the best and most affordable choice for many people. Simply put, buying an electric skateboard made in China is definitely your best choice.
Technical index
Maximum speed, maximum mileage, weight (most important)
    For most riders, 20 km / h to 40 km / h is the best and safest speed zone. The speed is over 35 km / h, the planks start to shake, and a small stone will let you slip off. The driver needs more skills to deal with this speed. In any case, safety comes first, and we recommend that riders always wear protective clothing while riding.
It is best to choose a plank with a maximum driving distance of 10km to 20km, so that it can fully meet your commuting needs. In fact, electric skateboards are built to solve last-mile problems. Most boards can cover this range, and the rider need not worry. Just choose the right one. Always choose the right one, in which case the better one may also be heavier.
    Weight is related to convenience, which is the sensitive point of electric skateboards. Passengers choose electric skateboards for convenience, and heavy planks can ruin it. The optimal weight zone is 5kg to 8kg.
    Often, riders need to choose a size first. Longboard (35 ''-38 '') Generally speaking, most people prefer longboards. Because the longboard makes you more comfortable and gives you a better experience. At present, the 38 "longboard is the most selected. Personally, I prefer a longboard that weighs about 7 kg, is 38 "long, has a maximum mileage of 20km, and a maximum speed of 38km /h.
    Nowadays, electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular. Especially for our working group and students, it is really inconvenient to live in a congested big city. If you have your own electric skateboard, it will definitely replace you usually go to the office or school by bus, subway. This will not only save you more time, but also let you enjoy the joy of riding.
    After that, do not choose a belt motor. Belt electric skateboards / longboards can ruin your day. Most motherboards use a remote control. The driver may forget to turn it off. Sometimes they accidentally pull the joystick, the belt may get caught in something, sometimes they hit your pants, sometimes they hit bumpy or dangerous fingers. Plates with in-wheel motors do not have this problem.
How to choose a cheap and good quality electric skateboard?
    Finally, I recommend you the cheapest electric skateboard / longboard (ONLYONE O-3)