What are the most important parts of an electric skateboard for beginners?

    For many beginners, it is really not easy to buy an electric skateboard you like. After all, there are too many shops selling electric skateboard online. There are electric longboards and MINI boards,there are hub motors and belts
motor. Perhaps many people think that ESC is the most critical component of electric skateboards. Of course, ESC is important. However, batteries are the deadliest accessory for electric skateboard. Once the battery has a problem, it will
unable to work normally. So, for beginners, battery life becomes even more important.

    ONLYONE O-3 electric longboard has a new upgrade both in the motor and in battery accessories. The latest motor with replaceable PU tires, with stable 10S3P & 104P batteries to choose from.Cruising Range: 21KM-30KM.On the battery, it not only has Longer life span and longer range. This makes it the most powerful contender in the electric skateboard market, but if the skateboard itself is not good at performance, then the upgrade of these accessories is meaningless.
Well, the good news is that these upgrades are really important. In addition, it takes great steps to improve the overall user experience.
    In fact, if you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard with stable performance, it is definitely the product you should buy.

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