OnlyOne O-3 is the best electric longboard under $ 500 in 2020?

    Today, electric skateboards bring great convenience to our lives. It has become an essential means of transportation for most young people. Many people want to buy an electric longboard that not only has stable performance but can also afford it. If you are looking for the best electric skateboard for under $ 500, OnlyOne O-3 is one of them. Perhaps many people think that its price is indeed reasonable, but what about its overall performance? If there is no guarantee of quality, it is meaningless to be cheap.
    Actually I want to tell you that there is no need to worry. Because it is not affected in speed or mileage. ONLYONE O-3 has all the features of a traditional electric skateboard, whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, it is absolutely no problem. Foot placement is also very helpful for beginners because it encourages them to improve their riding skills.
    In terms of speed, the ONLYONE O-3 electric longboard provides riders with different speed modes. It has a slow mode, which is basically suitable for beginners with a speed of 11mph. Intermediate mode is suitable for professional drivers and can accelerate to 18mph. At the bottom is the fast mode, which is suitable for professional players with a speed of 24mph.
    In terms of range, ONLYONE O-3 provides two different battery types. And depending on the battery size, it can travel different distances. For a 1.10S3P battery, you can drive 13 to 17 miles, and with a 2.10S4P battery, the distance can be increased by 20 miles.
Of course, some people worry that the board will cause inconvenience to themselves once the battery is exhausted. In fact, you need not worry about this problem. When the battery is exhausted, you can manipulate the skateboard the old way and still reach your destination. The reason for this flexibility is that, unlike competing products that rely on belts, brushless hub motors drive the wheels.
    In addition, the ONLYONE O-3 electric longboard also has a great advantage in its waterproof function. Because it is waterproof, it can tolerate very little rain and small paddles, but its water resistance will decrease over time.

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