Onlyone O-3 Electric Longboard Speed Mode Test

Humanized function
    In addition to the universal deck design, the Onlyone O-3 electric longboard also has some other user-friendly components. A sunken deck shape that allows skateboards to ride at extremely low heights, for example, can lead to a greater center of gravity.
    For beginners, this important feature effortlessly begins their first steps to stimulate interest in outdoor activities. And, combined with 90mm wheels, the board's driving effect is impressive.

Onlyone O-3 Electric Longboard Speed Mode Test
    Another feature worth mentioning is the three-speed cycling mode, including:
Riding mode maximum speed
(MPH or Km / h)

  • Fast mode 24 or 38 professional driver
  • Intermediate Mode 18 or 30 Intermediate to Professional Rider
  • Slow mode 11 or 18 beginner to intermediate rider
    In addition, two batteries are provided-2.10S4P and 1.10S3P in order to provide a maximum range of 20 and 17 miles.
    In addition, each button on the remote control is very sensitive. It responds very quickly to all keys! Its agility will determine or affect rider performance and determine its safety. Although other models can only provide a maximum control distance of 10-11 meters, it is clear that Onlyone has the highest score.

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