•     Today, electric skateboards bring great convenience to our lives. It has become an essential means of transportation for most young people. Many people want to buy an electric longboard that not only has stable performance but can also afford it. If you are looking for the best electric skate... View Post
  •     When it comes to electric skateboards, we think of all kinds of electric skateboards sold online. There are longboard, shortboard, off-road and so on. Just as we cannot do without mobile phones, there are too many brands. It's really hard for a beginner to make a decision. Of course, everyone... View Post
  • Humanized function    In addition to the universal deck design, the Onlyone O-3 electric longboard also has some other user-friendly components. A sunken deck shape that allows skateboards to ride at extremely low heights, for example, can lead to a greater center of gravity.    For beginners, th... View Post